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    History's Biggest Image Building Campaign! (By: Zeeshan ul Rub Jaffri)
Although many are terming it a mere change of skin-color and accent, I believe that Obama replacing Bush is historys biggest image building campaign, aimed at projecting a positive....  read more
    PR doesn't stand for Press Release!  (By: Zeeshan ul Rub Jaffri)
Not very long time ago, when I met a big business group of Pakistan regarding their public relations need and described them the various long-term benefits associated with a comprehensive PR strategy,... read more
    The Learning Process! (By: Zeeshan ul Rub Jaffri)
Traditionally, young people in Pakistan are asked to do a job, or as they say, enter practical life, as soon as they graduate __ sometimes even before that.....  read more
    Career in Public Relations! (By: Zeeshan ul Rub Jaffri)
With the media revolution in Pakistan, a large number of students are now considering taking admissions in media related subjects. Almost all major..  read more


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