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  • When you are planning an IPO of your company.
  • When you are signing a consultancy services agreement with another firm.
  • When you are expanding your operations or production facility.
  • When you are opening your off shore offices.
  • When you are signing technology implementation agreements.
  • When you are launching a new business, product or service.

  • When you organizing a Conference, Seminar or Workshop.
  • When you are organizing your annual convocation.
  • When your board of directors is meeting to announce the company financial results.
  • When you are organizing a charity fund raiser.
  • When you are contributing financially to some good cause under CSR.
  • When you want to appreciate governments new policies.
  • When you want to solve any issue through Media Advocacy.
  • When you want to counter any negative Media story about your organization.
  • When you want your point of view to be heard in Letter to the Editor sections.
  • When you need to loudly announce something in a Press Conference.
  • When you want to create awareness about your services or products through articles.
  • When you want Media men to visit your production facility etc.
  • When you want to launch a Image building campaign for the CEO, Chairman or MD of the organization.
  • When you want comparative analysis and Research Reports of whats happening in any particular industrial sector.
  • When you are opening a New Office Branch, Show Room or Restaurant.
  • When you want to organize a Corporate Dinner.

  • When you want to through a party for Media men.
  • When you are introducing a new technology for Industrial or consumer purpose.
  • When you want to communicate your performance and progress to the donor agencies.
  • When you want to influence the Government policies on any issue.
  • When your reputation is on stake due to some incident or blunder.
  • When you want third party endorsements for your services and products.
  • When you want to convince the community and NGOs for any plan or project.
  • When Signing MOUs.
  • When you want to appear on Electronic Media to ensure your presence is felt.
  • When you want to counter the counterfeiting.
  • When you want Anonymous Media Campaigns to highlight any issue.
  • When you want to launch a CSR activity.
  • When you are offering handsome discounts to consumers.
  • When your organization has achieved some privileged Award.
  • When your organization has set any record in industry.
  • When your organization is merging with or acquiring some other business.
  • When your organization has hired a New Top Executive.
  • When you want to re-launch your products or Services.

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