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  The Learning Process !  (By: Zeeshan ul Rub Jaffri)

Traditionally, young people in Pakistan are asked to do a job, or as they say, enter practical life, as soon as they graduate __ sometimes even before that.

Graduation in our country means 14 years of education, which usually dose not guarantee professional excellence in any career. One must obtain at least a masters degree in the subject of ones interest so that one dose not have to repent in the future not having observed that many organizations or companies have set a benchmark of a minimum post-graduate level education for hiring personnel.

Once on the job, most people simply overlook the importance of enhancing their education abilities while carrying on with their work, which they cannot live without. In our culture, the employer dose not support the idea of sharing intellectual resources of his employees that they may consume while studying. Also, we have a tendency to avoid the hard work, once we reach a certain level at our job.

If you are interested in continuing your education in the evening, most universities offer evening classes from 6pm in the evening, which means that you must leave your office premises by 5or 5.30pm, which might not be acceptable for the employer.

Who likes his staff to remain in the office till 7 pm. Still, if you are fortunate enough to take admission to an evening programme ( despite the hurdles created by the employer), you must have to act very smart in order to evade the wrath of the boss, who is now looking to cash in every possible mistake that you make , and the teachers anger who want you to be punctual and attentive all the time. The following are some helpful tips for all professionals out there, who want to continue their studies while doing a job. By applying these tips, you cannot only create supportive environment for your study at office, but can also reap some other benefits.

The employer must be taken into confidence that your studies would not affect your work, especially the working hours. You must give your employer the surety that the organization is going to benefit from your education as whatever you learn would be used for the benefit of the company or organization
You must also ensure the employer that you would continue to work in his organization even after you obtain an additional degree.

Be punctual. Do not practice absenteeism; perform your duties with devotion and dedication, keeping your employer satisfied with your work.
If the organization is going through a crisis, make sure that you are for it. This will certainly manifest your commitment and loyalty to the organization.
Make sure that you have very good terms with all of your colleagues. They could prove helpful in times of stress.

You must not forget that in order to excel in a profession you must acquire higher education, your post-graduate degree could be the first step towards this destination. Education polishes our hidden abilities and teaches us how to use our skills. Therefore you must not think about the fact that since you are already good at your work you do not need future education. If you are a graduate, your post-graduation degree can help you reap the following benefits:

You will certainly get promotion or an increment after obtaining the degree, or you would at least be in a position to bargain your current rank, salary and benefits. You would be in a position to look beyond your current vision in term of expectation from your organization. Your practical experience would help you in having a better understanding of theoretical perspectives. After obtaining the degree you would now find yourself in a position to apply in all those organization that seek post-graduates at their personnel.

An advertising professional who currently enrolled in an evening programme at the Mass communications Department, University of Karachi, while sharing his views said regardless of age and social status, one should definitely acquire higher education. Hes of the view that insufficient education not only stops your from reaching the executive level at any organization, but you also suffer on account of inadequate understanding of many things.

These days, almost all the universities and institutes are offering evening programmes and courses where you can continue your education while doing a job in the morning. The best way to continue your studies is to enroll in an evening programme at university or institute. It would require a little bit of smartness as far as managing both the tasks simultaneously is concerned.

Published in Dawn

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